The Way to a Football Fan's Heart?

Posted by Skha Weldon on

It's not always tickets to his favourite team's game. Nope! Simply put, it's to just feed him cake. For this super fan here's how we helped create a bespoke cake and aligned all the stars in the universe to make a super birthday weekend happen for him. All in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Bake his favourite chocolate cake and follow up by levelling the cake using a cake leveller like this one here.

Step 2: Knowing he's a Reds fan, aka Liverpool fan obviously helped massively. Using our edible prints, we printed the team's crest on to an icing sheet & placed it on the cake. At this point we we were on to a winner already.

Step 3: Deliver! That's the way to a football fan's heart. Extra brownie points by aligning with the universe as the team had just won a game too :)

Football Birthday Cake

Get in touch for your special order. We cant promise your team will be winning but we can certainly help create sweet memories with you!

Skha x



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